A forever summer ended last night.  The still, dusty air gave way to a cooling Mediterranean breeze, surmounting the western watershed and bringing the first of winter’s chill.  It’s true, though it be the sixth day of December; the summer’s days have finally come to an end.  In one weekend, shorts have been put away and winter’s clothing unpacked.  For the first time in seven months I have felt a temperature that falls below 50 degrees.  This morning I awoke to storm clouds in the west and sprinkles of rain at my doorstep.  The prayers of all in this land have been answered.  The driest season this land has ever known has finally found its first respite…and I put on my flannel.

These last weeks have seen many last things at JUC.  The semester has nearly reached its end.  In a last minute scramble of papers and final exams, students scattered across this city to say their last farewells and relive their favorite moments.  Most are now either home or on one last adventure to Egypt.  I have grown close to many and will miss them dearly.  It is the bittersweet nature of this position to say a thousand hellos and give a thousand hugs goodbye.  Great memories from this semester include:

  • ridiculous Twilight nights
  • never-ending games of Spades
  • Dr. Wright’s Christmas stories
  • Robyn’s swan dive during our hike in the Golan
  • Dan & Paula’s culinary masterpieces…Mexican food has finally made it to JUC
  • my first Kindle purchase
  • chocolaty brilliance for Megan’s birthday
  • Ultimate Frisbee Fridays…and the occasional Saturday
  • The great night-time search for ice cream in Beersheba
  • Zullis
  • Fiery garlic-infused green olives at the Golani Brewpub
  • Late night antics with the Canadians
  • Man night
  • sprite and arak
  • Cookie night
  • First weeks of Settlers of Cataan
  • al-beit in Bethlehem
  • swimming at Ashkelon
  • coffee house!

I will miss you all dearly.

Here are a few of the scenes from the past four months.