Thank you all for the office suggestions from the last post.  As of now, I have only made a few adjustments…

Life is always so much more fun when you can make a friend out of a weary plant.

These two were needed for their green.  I miss Oregon.

Yes, I did make that coffee mug warmer purchase, but….I tend to drink the coffee before it needs a warmer, which means I end up with an uber-hot empty coffee mug.

While looking for office inspirations, I came across this post at .

In other news, my first short-term group arrived two days ago.  There are 32 students, about half are from Canada and the rest come from across the states.  Jet-lagged and weary, they stumbled into campus yesterday.  After a quick intro and campus tour, I handed them over to their instructor for two weeks of intense adventure in the history and geography of the Holy Land.

This is one of the videos I often show to demonstrate America’s influence in the Middle East.

Yesterday also saw the delivery of my first geeky purchase in years.  I am now a proud owner of a kindle.  My first read has been The Legends of King Arthur and his Knights by Sir James Knowles.  Those of you in the e-book world, what have been your favorite reads?  For those who still turn the paper page, what is a book you’ve read recently that is worth the money spent on it?