We had our first raindrops of the season this last week.  It was nice to hear the slight pattering on the outdoor umbrellas, but more than anything I think it just made the summer angry.  The first part of September had unseasonably cool temperatures for this time of year—around 80 in the afternoon and mid 60s at night.  After those couple dozen drops of rain, the sun came out and sent its rays through the clouds in a near perfect imitation of the Death Star obliterating Alderaan.  It hasn’t let up since.  These past several days have topped 90s in the afternoon and with a crazy high humidity to boot.  This has led to several experiments in homemade iced coffee.

Just in case there are any Star Wars non-geeks out there, here’s the visual for that reference.

When in a hurry, I steal from my stash of Starbucks Via, but when there is time to be had, I use some of my coffee beans from Florence to make an overnight cold brewed press.  The real question that has been bothering  me this week, how do I savor this iced coffee all afternoon without watering it down by continually adding ice?  Vat 19Purveyors of Curiously Awesome Products has come up with a perfect solution to my cold beverage needs.  You’ve heard of USB cup warmers right?  Well, this not only can heat your cup up…but it also can cool it down!  All with just a flip of the switch.  Thanks Vat 19 for introducing me to the USB Cup Warmer and Cooler.

Here is an excerpt from the product description

This product could save your marriage

Yes, that’s a bold statement. In fact, it’s bold and orange. Here’s the point: With the flick of a switch, you can go from heating a beverage to cooling a beverage. This can have serious impact on your life.

Imagine the following scenario: Your spouse yells, “Honey, the neighbor’s cat is scratching little Johnny’s leg!” You grab a piping hot cup of coffee off your USB Beverage Cup Warmer & Cooler and toss it on Mr. Jinx. He runs away, a little shocked, but not injured. This is good, but not spectacular. Your son has sustained a few nasty scrapes.

So, you grab a bottle of water (which you smartly put on the USB Beverage Cup Warmer & Cooler after grabbing the cat-dousing hot cup of joe) and rinse out those scrapes. Your son is feeling better, your spouse is reminded why they married you, and Mr. Jinx will have a nice coffee surprise the next time he licks himself clean. Everyone’s happy!

A thought just hit me, not a heavy thought, so don’t worry too much, but it is a thought nonetheless.  My office is mostly made up of white walls and a beautifully arched ceiling, but it is lacking in anything that makes it particularly Cameron-esque.  I like it, but it needs something to add a bit of spice to the decor.  I may shell out the $9.95 and get the coffee warmer gadget, but I need something more.  Do any of you have some office personalization recommendations?  Here a few pictures, so you know what I have to work with.

from the computer

from the desk chair

from the outside looking in

from the door frame

from the corner

I do have a pretty sweet window and couch/mattress thing

…and looking through these, perhaps I should clean and straighten up before the next round of photos.

from the window

So whatcha think? What else do I need?

Perhaps a membership to this gym?